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Fire Protection and Premier répondants

The Municipality of L’Ange-Gardien has its own Fire Protection Service, which comprises two fire houses, one on 870 Donaldson Road and the other on 1954 Road 309, and a well-trained fire brigade. What's more, an additional fire houre is being built.


Although there is no waterworks system in the Municipality, some twenty dry hydrants (see list of those on the Municipality map) are spread out over the territory to facilitate interventions. Some insurance companies offer premium reductions because of the presence of these hydrants.

In case of emergency, dial 911

  • Il est dorénavant interdit de brûler dans des contenants de métal tel que des barils, cuves de sécheuses, etc. ;
  • Entre le 1er avril et le 31 octobre, il ne sera dorénavant plus permis de brûler ou de faire du feu avant 18 heures et après 3 heures du matin

Burning Permit

General Conditions

The burning of combustible materials and the making of a fire for any reason whatsoever are prohibited throughout the Municipality between March 31st and November 1st. However, between October 31st and April 1st, this interdiction can be removed for anyone obtaining prior authorization from the Director of the Fire Department or his representative.

The following are permitted at all times:

  • Barbecue-type stoves;
  • Campfires with a diameter of less than 1.2M;
  • Fires in metal drums with firescreens; and
  • Any equipment specifically designed to hold a fire.

Premiers Répondants

Public Security

Public security within L’Ange-Gardien's territory is ensured by the Public Security Service of the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais.

This service developed several prevention programs to improve the quality of life and security of MRC citizens. Here are some of them:

Neighbourhood Watch
The basis of this program is the mutual aid between neighbours for watching their properties during the absence of one of them. Every citizen must play an active role in both security and watch.

Operation Identification
This program offers all citizens the opportunity to mark their valuables to help identify them in case of a theft. All you have to do is to show a photo identification card at the Municipal Centre or at the Public Security Service. You will then be given a burin, stickers for your doors and windows and a register of your marked valuables.

This program has been developed to ensure best assistance to senior citizens and persons suffering from severe disease. It allows quick identification of a person in difficulty and provides information on his or her health status, as well as persons to be contacted in an emergency. Kits may be obtained at Pharmaprix, at the CLSC (Local Community Service Centre), from the Public Security Service, at the Municipal Centre or directly from a police officer.